Scandinavian Organics AB: Scandinavian Organics’ board of directors increases their shareholdings

Scandinavian Organics’ former and current board members have increased their shareholdings in the company over the past 3 months.

Jonathan Back, the Company’s new Chairman, has increased his holdings with 160,000 shares and is now the Company’s largest shareholder after the founder and CEO Nils Wetterlind.

Ian Creasey, the Company’s new COO, has increased his holdings with 80,000 shares.

Nils Wetterlind, founder and CEO, has increased his shareholding with 36,704 shares.

Nils-Erik Sandberg, former board member and founder of the Jordan Fund Investment Club, has increased his shareholdings with 35,227 shares

The Company registry will be updated after the New Year.



Scandinavian Organics AB

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