Distribution services

NG News is one of the largest distributors of financial information in Sweden with clients listed on Nordic Growth Market, Nasdaq OMX and unlisted companies. We have the resources as well as the competence and the experience to guarantee a secure and direct communication with the market.

Our system has a web based interface where you yourself can create, edit, preview and publish information to your own e-mail recipient lists. The interface includes tools for creating tables, uploading pictures and the possibility to send commercial information such as newsletters. NG News has also simplified the sharing through current social media, such as Twitter and Facebook – all to increase the overall value for you as a client.

When publishing your company’s financial information with the help of NG News, you can be sure that the information reaches all the important parties at the same time. We also makes sure that our partners (news agencies, newspapers, information vendors, investment web sites etc) receives the information in the standardized way they prefer, which ensures safer, faster and more efficient distribution.

For listed companies there are several other requirements needing to be met when disclosing information to the market. By letting NG News update your web site´s press release archive and by using the automated filing of your financial information to the Swedish FSA, you can relax knowing that you’re meeting the requirements and stipulations regarding disclosing price-sensitive information to the market.

Basic information distribution

NG News distributes your information to news agencies, newspapers, information vendors and investment web sites, for example Direkt, SIX-Telekurs, Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, Avanza, Nordnet och di.se. The information is also sent by e-mail and will be posted on NG News Facebook and Twitter pages.

Filing with Nasdaq OMX

Is your company listed on Nasdaq OMX or First North? NG News reports your information to Nasdaq OMX, which makes it searchable on Nasdaq OMX’s and First North’s web sites, available in your weekly reports and for the market surveillance.

Only available for companies listed on Nasdaq OMX or First North

Filing with the Swedish FSA

Is your company listed on a regulated market? If so, all your price-sensitive information must be filed with the Swedish FSA at the same time as the information is published to the market. Through NG News you are guaranteed that your price-sensitive information are filed in time and categorized correctly.

Only available for companies listed on regulated market such as NGM Equity or Nasdaq OMX

Distribution via Dow Jones Newswire

Does your company have interested parties outside of Sweden? NG News offers distribution through Dow Jones Newswire, whom in turn delivers financial news to over 60 000 users in Europe through own systems and co-operations with focus on brokers, analysts, economists and fund managers.

Media lists

Do you want to be able to reach out to Swedish paper-, TV and radio editorial offices in an easy way? With the help of NG News’s comprehensive and updated e-mail media lists, you can be sure that your information reaches out to the right recipients.

Take your market communication to the next level

To learn more about how NG News can help you to take your company´s market communication to the next level, please send an email to ngnews@ngm.se or call +46 8 566 390 40.

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